The Ingrid Bergman Montblanc, Limited Edition

the-ingrid-bergman-montblancIngrid Bergman was a well-known Swedish actress who went on to win numerous awards, and later ruled the hearts of people across America and Europe. As part of their “Muse” collection, Montblanc launched an Ingrid Edition called “La Donna”, that is inspired by Ingrid and her absolutely amazing performance in the movie “Casablanca”. Starting with the cap of this beautiful pen, it is not possible to avoid the attention with which it was crafted. The cap of this pen is layered with mother – of – pearl style lacquer. Special care was given to the detailing and designing of the cap with ripples like Ingrid’s skirts in the cap. The clip is complete with an amethyst. Amethyst is a precious stone known for its calmness, clarity and tolerance attributes, and all these features were there in Ingrid Bergman and hence Montblanc chose it.

Some of the most popular movies in which Ingrid Bergman acted and made a mark for herself are “Casablanca”, “Notorious”, “Murder on the Orient Express” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. She won many awards, some of which include three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, one BAFTA Award and many more.

This pen is a limited edition pen and was launched in the year 2009. All the fittings on this pen are 18k gold plated. In addition to this, the nib in the pen is also made of 18k gold. The design on the nib is beautiful. The pen looks like a vintage piece and is a must for all those who love collecting writing instruments.

The quality of writing is good like all other Montblanc pens. The usual Montblanc emblem is there on the top of the pen’s cap in pearl color. It is a lovely writing instrument for all those who are vintage fans and admire quality and class over anything else.


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