Montblanc Rouge et Noir

montblanc-rouge-et-noirMontblanc keeps coming up with various types of themed collections of its classy pen and one such collection presented by Montblanc is Heritage Collection.

Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Coral Fountain Pen is one pen that needs to be there in the collection of all the pen lovers. This pen is beyond beauty and uniqueness. Rouge et Noir was first launched by Montblanc many years ago, precisely in 1906. Around that time, this particular pen became an instant hit with the buyers who loved their writing instruments and were avid collectors. The reason was simple, there was this unique pen which was not required to be dipped in ink again and again to write!

Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Coral Fountain Pen is introduced this time around as a remembrance and appreciates the original pen which was launched almost 110 years back. Montblanc has tried to keep the new one look close to the original however, there are changes and these changes are significant ones if observed in detail.

To start with, the new pen is slicker and longer when compared with the original one. This makes the pen more usable and easy to handle. The Beautiful coral and precious resin is transformed in the cap and barrel of this pen. Also, the highlight of this pen is the snake clip. It gives this pen a unique and antique look. Great emphasis was laid on the detailing and designing of the pen. The two eyes of the snake clip is an apt example of the detailing performed on the pen. Another important feature of the pen is the handcrafted 18k gold nib. Post making this nib, it was coated with rhodium.

Refills available for this beautiful pen are Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Burgundy Red, Corn Poppy Red, Oyster Gray, Lavender Purple and Toffee Brown.


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