Montblanc Boheme

montblanc-bohemeMontblanc has come up with another beautiful fountain pen named Bohème Doué Moongarden Fountain Pen. Like many other pens from Montblanc, this one is also based on inspiration. Bohème Moongarden watch collection has been used as an inspiration to create Bohème Doué Moongarden Fountain Pen.

An immense amount of attention was paid to the detailing and designing of this masterpiece. The design of this pen looks is rather sleek. If one looks closely at the design of this pen, it becomes clear that the design showcases the moon and leaves. Moreover, the leaves engraved on this classy pen are in red and gold color. The base of the pen on which the leaves design is made up of gray-toned metal.

This pen oozes luxury and class in every possible way. Montblanc created this pen in the most poetic way possible. The nib of this pen talks volumes about the attention paid to the making of this unique piece. It is hand crafted in gold and is retractable.

The gold used in making the nib is 18k gold. Its usage is not limited to the nib as the clip of this pen is also gold coated with 18k gold. The color of gold on the nib is red. Like other Montblanc pens, this one also comes with a unique serial number that can be matched with the serial number in the service booklet.

Assembling and reassembling is extremely simple like their writing instruments manufactured by Montblanc. The user can enjoy many colors in terms of ink for Bohème Doué Moongarden Fountain Pen. Let’s look at the color options:

  • Corn Poppy Red
  • Lavender Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Burgundy Red
  • Oyster Gray
  • Mystery Black
  • Toffee Brown
  • Irish Green

If you are looking for quality and class, then this pen is definitely worth it.


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