Marlene Dietrich Montblanc, Special Edition

marlene-dietrich-montblancMarlene Dietrich was a German – American actress and a singer. She was very popular in her time. She was known for her personality and the way she used to present herself. As part of the Muses Edition, Montblanc chose Marlene Dietrich as one of their many muses. The Marlene Dietrich Special Edition pen was introduced in 2007 and made available as a fountain pen and ballpoint pen. The body of this pen and the cap is made of precious black resin which gives a unique shine to the pen. The unique features of this limited edition pen include platinum plated fitting that includes the clip and rings on the pen. In addition to this, the clip has got a dark blue sapphire on.

The nib of the Marlene Dietrich Special Edition pen is made of 18k gold; however, to make it go with the platinum coated fittings of the pen, it is plated with rhodium. Also, it has a heart-shaped hole based on the famous film character played by her which says “head over heels in love”. Like other “muses edition” pens, the Marlene Dietrich Special Edition pen also looks stunningly beautiful because of the detailing and designing on it.

This pen is a true reflection of Marlene Dietrich in all possible ways. The Marlene Dietrich Special Edition pen is about glamour, confidence, and fashion, as the actress was considered an icon by almost everyone in her time. With tens of thousands of women looking up to her, the Marlene Dietrich Special Edition pen does justice to her image. Montblanc has crafted this pen keeping in mind the image and stature of Marlene Dietrich. This pen is a must for all pen collectors. The beauty and class of this pen is unmatched. If you are looking for a gift for your friend who likes to visit, then this is the perfect gift.


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