About us

This site is all about Montblanc, the company that is world-famous for manufacturing top of the line and premium quality pens, along with other accessories. You did not think the site was about the European mountain, did you?

Anyways, if you are a fan of class and quality, and like to think of yourself as a collector, then you have come to the right page!

This site features some of the best and the most well-known pens that were ever manufactured by Montblanc. There are some iconic characters that played the muse when Montblanc was crafting these beautiful pens – powerful celebrities, for instance, or beautiful actresses.

Montblanc is known for using premium raw materials like gold, platinum and even diamonds in the manufacturing process of their products. The nibs of their pens are famously made of pure gold and the emblems are usually diamond or platinum-coated.

You will find informational articles on the history of the pen, which inspired the making of the pen, nitty gritty details about Montblanc products and what went into their manufacturing process. It is the minutiae and the unique design that make Montblanc pens so popular and a must have from a collector’s point of view. No wonder they have rich heritage behind them and carry vintage value throughout the years.

It is recommended that you search and read about the different models available on this site before you make the final decision to buy. These pens are a symbol of quality and class, make sure yours count!


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